Agent new code + restart & imp deep sleep

@Hugo in previous posting you said

when you hit run, it should restart the agent with the new code immediately
Ah, yes. That is indeed a bug - agents don’t get updates unless the imp is online. It’s not meant to be like that though

I’m sure this was working as expected.
But again I can only update & restart my Agent if my imps are shallow sleeping.
Has this crept back or still a bug?
imp cold/warm boot doesn’t cause an Agent restart should it?

I’m running impOS 0e967a4 - Fri Jul 19 10:04:28 2013

Thanks as always

You may need to delay the sleep in order for the update to work, eg instead of

imp.onidle(function() { server.sleepfor(x); } );

you’d do…

imp.onidle(function() { imp.wakeup(0.5, function() { server.sleepfor(x); }); });

Thanks just tried that upped to 10sec and same behavior.

I’ve just remembered that my imp goes into “watch mode” which is a 70 sec shallow sleep. I change Agent code:hit run: wake imp from deep to 70s shallow sleep, my new Agent code still isn’t run.

I know codes gone to the server as I watch the code post to in JS console.

Oh, sorry I misread; the code above is to help loading new device code on a sleeping device.

The agent code not running issue is fixed on the new IDE, but that’s not even with beta-testers yet.

Thanks new IDE this quarter || next || next next ?