Agent memory limit?

Is there a limit to the blob size for an agent?
Or is there a total allocation of memory per agent?

What I’d like to do is collect a lot of data (in the order of 1-2MB), package it up into a particular file format, base 64 encode it, and send it as an email attachment. I obviously can’t do this with the 50k limit on the imp, so it will just be streaming data through to the agent, but how much data can the agent handle?

This from Hugo in response to similar question

  1. There’s no specific set buffer size, but the agent has a memory limit; currently this is 1MB (and you can read free memory just as you can with the imp), but it is subject to change as we scale and determine the sweet spot for well behaved applications.

What would be good to know is how much storage an Agent gets with

Yep, that 1MB memory limit applies here. limits have not been set, but they’re likely to be low (much less than 1MB). If you want serious storage, you should use an S3 bucket - is more for parameters etc. We have to do replication of this data for failovers hence the desire to keep it relatively small.

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