Agent logging Zulu time in log

When my imp003 goes to sleep, the log shows this:
2019-06-12T12:54:39.186 -05:00 [Device] Sleeping until 2019-06-12 17:59:38Z

The imp wakes up every 5 minutes, does its thing and goes back to sleep. That all works great and does really save a lot of LIPO power.

Correctly shows 12:54:39 because I have my timezone set in my account profile.
But can the Agent be told to correctly log this, with my timezone?
Sleeping until 2019-06-12 17:59:38Z
As it is, that is Zulu, not CDT (Central Daylight Time)

Would be nice if that time was also displayed using “my time zone”, not Zulu.

EDIT: Am now realizing that the device itself is displaying that time. The agent displays the first part (which is correct), and [device] displays that part about “Sleeping until …”. Is that correct? But that time must come from somewhere.

This time is part of the log text here and so is just in UTC - the actual time the log hit the backend is translated to local time by the frontend app. The textual message itself doesn’t come from the device, but the connection handler code (which lives in UTC) synthesizes the message.

So, not a simple thing to change I’m afraid. You could always send the sleep time to the agent have it know your timezone and translate?

No worries … just something I thought I would mention. Having the way to set my time zone with the profile is working for me. If myself or someone copies the server log and sends that data to someone else, it might be confusing for them … non techies don’t really know what ‘Z’ means. Maybe in the future some geeky programmer at Imp might figure out a way to mend the issue. I know you have more high priority things to work on, not that I’m saying you are geeky :slight_smile: