Agent ID code


I’m testing a way to parse an email from a PHP script that if certain conditions are met it will send an HTTP request to the Imp. I am trying different ways, and one of these is to include the Agent ID code into the body of the message.

Since I want to filter any HTML tag or non alphanumeric character I wrote a function that do a few passes to strip the body of the message. Unfortunately in the beginning I encountered problems because one of my Imps has an underscore inside its Agent code. The PHP script wasn’t able to deliver the message, so my solution was to include the underscore character in the list of the allowed characters, but if I want a wider range of characters I included ASCII characters from 32 to 126 ( space to tilde, ~ ).

Now the my other Imp receives the proper data, but my project will include other Imps that I don’t know the Agent code. So I don’t know if there are other characters in their Agent ID code. Can you tell me what is the set of characters that compose the Agent ID?

Thank you.