Agent and other server communication

hi. i want to communitcate my server with imp002.this is my first project with imp module. usually i use ip address and ports for TCP/IP communication can i use the same method in here. Please give me some keywords so that i can search in google

Maybe this would get you started?

Specifically, Basic Internet-to-Agent Communications and Basic Agent-to-Internet Communications. In the case of the latter, for the URL, you provide the IP address followed by the port number. This only works, of course, so long as you know the IP address and it is exposed on the internet. Neither the agent nor the device will communicate with an IP address on your local network.

Imp methods are based off imp system architecture whereby the Imp Device can only talk to Imp Agent through IP or in imp002 case, the device can also talk to other devices through UART/GPIO’s etc.

An Imp Agent can also talk to an external web service API using http methods only. You would need to set up web page scripts on your web server to handle communication between imp agent your server. It all depends on what information you are trying to send to your server and vice versa. You would need your server to have an internet connection to communicate with imp cloud (agent) as imp devices cannot communicate with other devices on your local area network using tcp/ip.

is it possible to use https.

Yes, it do both http and https