Additional tests in blessing process

We want to test our production units using the process mentioned here.
In addition to tests on factory firmware we would like to perform some additional tests using another external imp.( e.g. test connections with ble modules or provide some stimuli to some components and test for response )

Now the part where I am stuck is that how can I enable these two devices to communicate each other and integrate with the process.

It depends to a degree on the tests you need to make. If the second imp is a developer imp connected to the factory WiFi network, you can use its GPIO and standard buses to signal the production unit under test by way of its own pins. Sensors can be triggered with appropriate signal generators under control, eg. buzzer to feed ‘data’ to a production unit’s sound sensor.

Your factory firmware reports back using the Test Results webhook, or vice versa through the tester imp’s server.log() calls.

Crucial point is to have the tester imp a developer unit with full access to the log and to the IDE so you can quickly change its code to add new stimuli.