Adding additional spi flash

Can you additional flash to the SPI bus on the imp003?

I’m pretty sure you can, but you won’t be able to access it through the imp API’s spiflash object, ie. you’ll have to do it through the SPI Flash library or similar.

Since the imp003 requires at least a 4Mbit flash, it’s surely cheaper and easier just to fit a larger chip and use the extra for application-controlled storage?

If we just use a bigger chip am I right in saying no data we write will get overwritten during the process of pushing out new squirrel code and the space reserved by impOS never changes.

Also I assume the spiflash object abstracts away the sectors used by impOS? So you can’t write to them etc.

Yes, and yes. Yes we’ll be restricting ourselves to the original fixed 448Kbyte reservation, otherwise we’d break every imp003 device in the field. And yes, the Squirrel API is carefully restricted to operating on the sectors other than ours.


Great thanks for the info