Accessing the MAC address

Please inform me how to access the imp MAC address or what are the plans to make it possible.


-Marco G.

Are you just looking for the MAC addresses? In that case, take a look at the retail packaging the imp arrived in. My units had the MAC address printed on a sticker attached to the back. 

I meant programmatically, from within a script.

-Marco G.

This is on the to-do list, but there is currently no way to access this from squirrel, sorry. It’s simple enough that I may possibly be able to implement it myself and get it into the next release…

ETA on next release? and possibly update on if this will make it in?  I need some way to identify my imps and differentiate them from each other. 

This missed release-3, which is currently baking before release later this week. It’ll get into release 4, which is currently scheduled for ~2 weeks from now.

Node configuration parameters are going into release-3 this week. You could temporarily use one of those to identify your imps. I’ll add the API changes to the wiki today (Wednesday).

Fen Consultants, UK

Hi, in this moment it’s possible obtain my own bssid?


Yep, docs here…

Thanks for the reply jwehr,

I had seen this documentation, but what I really needed was the Mac address of my imp.

Is there any way to obtain it?


Ups…sorry, could not be more obvious X_X