Access to onboard light sensor/LED?

Hey guys!  Is there a way to read values off the light sensor you use for the BlinkUp capability?  Similarly, is there a way to output to the on-card LEDs?  I’m fine with ugly, hex address, bit-bangy solutions.

And thanks! This is a shiny piece o’ kit, and I’m already ordering parts for a couple of projects.

Neither is possible right now I’m afraid.

We plan to expose the light sensor, though it’s quite limited. It may be useful to tell if the room which has the imp in it is light or dark, though. It’ll be exposed through the hardware class.

The LEDs won’t be accessible though as this can complicate the support process if code can start flashing them. They remain system only.

Thanks Hugo!  Basic light/dark would certainly be a boon.

I would use the light sensor to know if the garage door is open or closed.

What if it’s dark outside though?