Accelerometer mma8551 response time


I use an accelerometer mma8151 but I find the response time are quite long.
is what has of the accelerometer
or the i2c protocol?
what is the difference with ADXL345 accelerometer ?

Response time from what to what? I2C isn’t terribly fast, but without knowing the order of magnitude of the problem (and what the problem is) it’s hard to give advice :slight_smile:

when I use a mma8451 accelerometer , there is a slight delay between the movement and value.
the time is about 0.5 seconds

I use this code:

The delay may just be in the logging (if you’re looking for a log message - that’s going a long way to appear in your browser).

Try putting an LED on another imp pin and triggering it in the interrupt handler. That gives a real measure of when the accelerometer is interrupting.