A few imp002 questions

For my future projects I am planning on using imp001 instead of 001, both so I got a few extra pins, and also so I can decide better how the different components for indication and blinkup can be located.

First question is about antenna, how is the antenna compared to a 001?

And secondly, would there be any problem in using two diodes instead of one bicolor? I am color blind and can have problems seeing which colors my imp001’s show. Having two diodes would easily make me able to see what combination of them is used.

Can’t answer your antenna question definitively (though I’ve not noted significant differences)
but no problem doing what you want with the two LED pins.

The antenna on imp002 is similar to imp001 (although we generally find imp002 to have better RF performance than the imp001).

As @LarryJ mentioned - you shouldn’t have any issues using two LEDs instead of 1 bicolor led!