2 way communication?

Ok, so I have the next week off from work. While the kids are in school, I would really like to get moving on some of my IMP projects…

This may have been addressed before (maybe in the wait for our improved HTTP support), but I just want to make sure I am not missing something.

Currently I have my IMP reporting “status” of my imp to cosm. I can graph values, etc. But now I want to write an application that allows me to control (in this case, my pool) and I want to be able to query my imp to see what the state is RIGHT NOW. At the moment, I am just ask cosm (which seems kind of lame), is there a more direct way? Like I send to HTTP IN a value=status, and it returns me a JSON of status? My application is not a web server, so connecting it to an HTTP OUT is not feasible for now.

If this is coming in the http in/out upgrades, any ideas when this will be? BTW, I would be OK with just querying the last value of any of the outputs too (it doesn’t really need to be interactive), I could have the IMP post changes to outputs, and my app just query those (again, I am sort of doing this with cosm now, but I would hate to depend on cosm for my app to work like this).


Alternatively, I could have a web server that I communicate to for everything and key that communicate to the imp (and it could receive imp http output), which I may do temporarily, but it seems to defeat the purpose of the cloud based service.

Btw, a simplified example of what I would need:

Say I want to automate lights in my house. My iPhone app may want to know the current state of the lights, when you turn one on, it wants confirmation that it actually turned on. I don’t see a way to do this properly today.


What you need are server side agents. These should be available to general users in the next few weeks - we’re really close to deploying them to a small beta group.

With these you can implement HTTP requests that will pass data down to an imp and return the current status in the reply, plus do lots of other nice things…

Looking forward to this. :slight_smile:

How do we get on the list of “small beta group”? I also have an immediate need to return data from the imp to an application running on a PC (eventually iOS/Android).

In general, for those of us investigating the imp as a commercial solution, how do we find out about your long term plans and scheduling? It seems a bit ad hoc right now.

@danjulio: best thing to do is to contact manufacturer@electricimp.com and we can set up a call.

It’s not ad-hoc, it’s just we don’t put all our plans on the forum - but do respond to questions.