2 projects just merged

I have 3 imps running, 3 separate program. Imps 2 and 3 (let’s call them) just merged into the same program. I was not even in the IDE or changing anything. I cannot find the code for 3. When I click on it, it is the same code as 2 but the IDE show separate serial numbers above the code window… I hope that code is not lost.

I had exactly the same issue a couple of weeks back. I had 2 Imps running what I called Slave code and a third Imp running what I called the Master code. When you press a button on the master, the button state is transferred to the slave and indicated on LEDs. Everything worked fine and I left the imps running for a couple of days before I got back to the project. Same sinking feeling - the slave code disappeared from the IDE. The file was still there but the slave files contained master code. I know that the slave code existed because the imps were still running as slave modules!

I ended up rewriting the code. It was only a couple of hours work since it was in the early stages of the project but now I periodically cut and past the code into local files for backup.

Hopefully someone at e-imp can recover your files…

@ljbeng - We’ve seen this issue a couple of times, but have not been able to replicate.

Any information you can provide will be useful (at the very least can you send me a PM with DeviceID’s and model names + what model the devices should be running).