2 imps 1 dev-id

apologies for the discussion title.

i have two imps. I want each to be a different model.

The trouble is, they both seem to have the same device id after blink-up. I’ve got to be doing something silly.

My process was:
use iphone to blinkup imp1 to wifi, configure imp as new model in web portal, config the agent and device code, and off to the races.
then I plug the second imp (imp2) into the same proto-april-board for power and blinkup imp2 to get access to wireless. It seems to be getting the same device id. To the point where it doesn’t show up as a new “unmannaged device” on web portal, and instead it just loads up the agent and device code associated with imp1.

I can load imp1 or imp2 into my proto-april-board, and both go out and grab the same agent and device code.

what I’d like to happen is to get a new unmanaged device, so I can associate it with a different active model.

what am I doing wrong?

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This is correct behavior. The ‘device ID’ is associated with the ATSHA device on the April card, not the Imp-001 you are plugging into it. There are a few forum threads which elaborate on this very nicely (which unfortunately I can’t find offhand), but check here for add’l information. (Scroll down to the ‘what is an imp … what is a device?’ section).

(Edit: here’s a link which gives a bit more information).

To the latter part of your question - you can either load a new model on your device (i.e. imp associated with a particular April card), or get a second April card. The important thing is the device is associated with the April card, not imp that’s plugged into it.

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Larry, Thanks for this. That explains a great deal, and is a discrimination I had missed.

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…the reasoning behind this was to allow you to have many projects, and plugging any imp (on your account) into any project would “just work”. It is quite fun to swap stuff around and have nothing change :slight_smile:

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Moreover, you don’t want the code tied to the imp. What if you plug it into a board with different peripherals attached? When it tries to run the wrong code, there’s a strong chance that you’ll free the magic smoke.

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