1-wire: out of memory error

Dear all,

I’ve blinkedup a new imp and the firmware was updated.

And I have recieved this:
2015-08-20 15:10:51 UTC+2 [Exit Code] imp restarted, reason: out of memory
2015-08-20 15:10:51 UTC+2 [Status] Downloading new code; 5.13% program storage used
2015-08-20 15:10:52 UTC+2 [Device] imp started (version: 78f540f - release-32.12 - Thu Jul 16 09:55:33 2015)

So the orginal code here:

So the orginal electric imp sample code is failing with out of memory!
Did anybody faced this issue?

Can you give any indication of what’s happening when the imp restarts? Are you getting any data back from your 1-Wire set-up? What is your 1-Wire set-up?

No, nothing, actually I’m using the same concept what is described in the https://electricimp.com/docs/resources/onewire/ page.

But, if the imp is just plugged in in this:

Without anything connected the out-of-memory error and restart still happen.

You spotted a bug, @msmeja - well done. The code assumes you have a circuit connected to the imp’s UART, and so tries to enumerate 1-Wire devices when it should not, causing the out-of-memory error you’re seeing.

I’ve updated the code to check for this condition.