1 of 8 Imps not working (fails BlinkUp of WiFi data)

Hi. I got qty 8 imp001’s and one is refusing to connect. “Clear Wireless Configuration” works every time (green led, then flashing correct amber sequence). Using same April as used on all 7 sisters, I blinked up same WiFi setup which results in 1 long green flash, then slow red blinks, occasional very short red pulse & rare red-amber (at most 2 red-ambers in a row, sometimes just one). iOS app never sees it.

MAC is 0c2a69022c9c - how can I confirm that it’s toast? I will try it at home, but after that I don’t know what else to do.

I’m surprised I can clear WiFi config but can’t program in a new one, that works on 7 other devices (with similar MACs, 0c2a6902327e, 0c2a69022ce3, 0c2a69022f7f, 0c2a690230ef, 0c2a69042d2c, 0c2a69023288, & 0c2a690232ee)

Thank you.

Looks like that imp has connected. Did you get it working at home?

Yes, after about 6-7 BlinkUp attempts it worked at home. It now works intermittently at work (while other units reprogram on first try, this one always takes multiple attempts). I marked it ‘iffy’ and will likely rip it open to see what’s inside :slight_smile: