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  • pcbenthusiast
    Hi Hugo,

    i just stumbled upon this website. i would like to learn how to switch high side of leds out of a PIC microcontroller using mosfets/transistors. 2 output of uC has 4 leads connected to each which need driven separately. Any input is appreciated!
    March 24
  • vivek106singh
    Hi Hugo I am using the ble112 with imp, can you please send me some documentation on to make custom GATT profile. Bluegiga give place to write in GATT.xml.
    is there any such file where i can make changes for communication between master and slave.
    I am using ble112 with imp in both the places

    February 21
  • elmanko
    Hi, i just posted a comment on a thread where you helped someone get their bud red light working. If you could help me with mine id really appreciate it!

    Model: IMP001
    IC: 4491A-IMP001
    FCC ID: PPQ-IMP001

    December 2016
  • snowdog1968
    Hi Hugo, seems you have fixed a few people red lights. Mine used to work, got a new phone and internet company and it won`t link up now. Here is my model number and mac address for my imp. Thanks


    mac: 0c2a690122f6
    model: imp001
    December 2016
    • snowdog1968
      oh by the way it is only flashing orange
  • Chopper09
    Hi I just purchased the Budweiser red light but can't get the app to work, it goes right to to activate a red light register below but it does nothing when i tap it??
    November 2016
  • abhi12
    Hi Hugo,

    I am working on DS2482S and I am using a thermometer DS18B20. I was referring to MX270 code on which you commented.
    I am stuck with something from quite a while and I need your help, please get back to me so that I can tell you the issue.
    August 2016
  • scottcadieux

    We are very interested in nora and i see its EOL im trying to fit the IMP003 onto it.imp003 Interposer is possible? do you have a gerber that is ready for it?
    July 2016
  • pcottreau
    Hi Hugo
    I notice today that there is an IMP004 in the works. We were planning IMP002 to IMP003 upgrades for a couple of our customers. I am wondering if we should be migrating from IMP002 to IMP004 instead. Can you give me the quick run down on the difference between IMP003 and IMP004? What is the motivation for IMP004? Which is easier to migrate to?


    July 2016
    • Hugo
      imp004 has an on-module antenna, so is easy to use on 2 layer boards and the most direct migration from imp002. It has a slightly slower CPU than imp001/2/3 (100MHz vs 120 or 144), fewer peripherals and no DAC, but may well work for your application.

      It's the cheapest of all imp modules too. Sampling later this quarter, MP in Q4'16.

  • onehorse
    Hi Hugo,

    As you know I am selling an IMP003 breakout board. Other than having mentioned it here at the developers forum would it make any sense to have it listed as one of the available IMP003 platforms on the platform page or is this reserved for boards?
    April 2016
  • olatif
    Hey Hugo,

    I noticed your posts on here, and I was wondering if you could help me out. I am trying to power a few servos and 2 dc motors using the electric imp and an audrino servo shield. Any idea on where to start?
    February 2016
  • fatbomb
    Hi Hugo, I'm sure you've been busy, but any help is much appreciated. Thank you so much!
    January 2016
  • lsradets
    Hi Hugo! In addtion to my post, If you still need, here is my imp mac: 0c2a69046973
    August 2015