Any MQTT updates?

There has been some discussion about MQTT last year. Has there been any update how to best connect to MQTT?


  • I believe there are now other ways to add in this functionality to your application which will handle mqtt for you. For example you could use IBM Bluemix or Dreamfactory to manage the mqtt for you and then enable a RESTful service between this and the agent. I know there is an Imp IBM Bluemix library which may make it easy to implement. Imp does not have a Dreamfactory library yet (hint hint... please consider).

    So IMHO this method may suit the imp application system architecture better than trying to manage the mqtt side within the agent code. But I would like to hear other views myself as I too am for ever looking for suitable solutions for mqtt.
  • Stay tuned :)
  • Yes please :)
  • I have a need for my agent code to pick up / listen for events from other webservices.

    @Hugo, any updates on your "stay tuned" for the proposed MQTT library...

    As an alternative I have discovered your Pubnub library (but still trying to make sense of Pubnub) and the MessageBus class. I see within this class you have a type of "subscribe" option where you can "listen" for a particular message. How does this work exactly? Is this using httprequest.sendasync method or something along those lines.
  • Pubnub (and many other services) use HTTP long polling to get an instant push of new data from a webservice. We have many hundreds of thousands of devices that use this in the field - it's not hugely sophisticated but does work.

    There are some announcements coming in the next couple of weeks, but not specifically for MQTT (which is still coming, along with websockets). It may work for you, though...
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