Introducing... the imp004, aka the Marvell 88MW30x

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Electric Imp is proud to announce today that the Electric Imp platform will support the upcoming single-chip WiFi microcontroller from Marvell Technologies, the 88MW30x.

Due later this year, the chip – we call it the imp004 – is a highly integrated, cost-optimized device for manufacturers looking to get their hardware products connected to the Internet inexpensively. The 88MW30x will fit seamlessly into the full Electric Imp platform: hardware, OS, software, APIs, cloud services, security and management tools.

Read all about it in this blog post and preliminary documentation in the Dev Center.


  • I like the look of that! Specially the pin-out!

    Going to be interesting to see, some reference designs for it. :)
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    Imp004 looks bigger than IMP003, but more importantly it is cheaper! On the IMP datasheet page, the scale of the images does not reflect the actual size.
  • What I was looking for was the number of pads under the chip, with the Marvell it looks like it would be easy to put on a 2 layer pcb, where the imp003 seems to require 4 layers (read that somewhere on the forum I think)
  • just out of interest, why is the imp001 not recommended for new commercial designs ?
  • @MikeyDK you need 4 layers; the antenna trace requires impedance control.

    @302tt because there are no longer any commercial customers of this product (even the bud red light went to the imp002), hence we've stopped making it.
  • Thats a shame, could have been so easy to work with.

    How does the antenna stuff for it work? Can it be made with a chip antenna?
  • Yes you can use a chip antenna as with the imp003. 4 layer impedance control boards aren't expensive these days... elecrow are pretty competitive.

    There will be modules with this chip on, which include an antenna, but no details as yet.
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    I used OSHpark 4layer board for IMP003. Their capabilities are good enough. OSHPark is same price and few days faster than Elecrow.
  • The problem isnt really who can make the boards, and for what price... The problem I have right now is the software to design the board in... So far I just had fun using the free version of Eagle for my own small projects, but it is limited to 2 layers.

    I am now looking at KiCad, but so confused by it still... But it might be better to switch to, since it isnt limited like that.

    A module with all that stuff taken care of sounds good too, but hopefully I will end up being able to make it all myself. :)
  • Hi, how's the IMP004 progressing? Any teasers?
  • It's going well; the pricing has now been made public ($4.00 for the module in 10k qty). We have modules on test boards here, but they're not going to be available to sample for a little while yet... the reasons why will become clear fairly soon :)
  • Any news on imp004? There is no info from Marvell on mw30x dev kits and the only sign of life is this:
  • I don't believe Marvell are in full production yet, though that's soon.

    For us, imp005 will ship before imp004 because there's a large lead customer on 005 with hard deadlines... but 004 will follow soon after!
  • Hmm interesting so if 005 is mass production Q1 2016 then 004 comes after that? Seems like Marvell started talking about this soc ages ago.
  • Yes, and it's common for chip vendors to talk about chips way before they ship; Broadcom announced the SoC in imp005 back last year but it's still not available in production form.
  • Any word on the imp004 module sample availability ?
  • Still getting 005 out at this point, so 004 is going to be next year.
  • I blame hello barbie for using all the azurewave modules.
  • nice to have someone to blame - we had designed imp004 into product and now we cannot get them..
  • Have you contacted sales? In the short term, imp002/003 are readily available.
  • Guys. Any info on the pricing of Imp005. I started with Imp because of the pricing of Imp004 mentioned in this table.

    Then I learnt of the extra licensing fees to be paid to Electric Imp. Even though that put pressure on my BOM cost, it was still manageable. I just wanted to get an idea of the pricing for Imp005 for volumes of 10,000.

  • You should contact Murata for pricing; as we don't sell these ourselves we can't give binding pricing commitments. 005 is slightly cheaper than 003.
  • Will do. I am working with them.
  • Q3 2016 is nearly up, was waiting patiently but couldn't hold out any longer. Any news on the release date of the imp004m and indicative relative (compared to other imp modules) pricing?
  • I'm afraid I don't have any updates on availability (though should have some soon) or pricing; your best bet is to ask Murata. Support for imp004m is in release 36 (and as you've seen, release 34 is just going out the door now)
  • Thanks Hugo. Sounds like it's a way off then, I'll stick with the imp003 for now.
  • Update: we should have samples of imp004m (with non-final antenna) by early to mid october. It'll run a preliminary sw release at that point. Footprint will be compatible with mass production version but we are improving the antenna performance.
  • When will production units of the imp004 be available?
  • Looks like April, and should be in distribution at that point too.

    Sample qty (enough for early builds, ie no problem with 10's of units) are available right now, just ask.
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